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  Research and Intervention  

Global Platform for Research training and Internship under 1-1 guidance of Mentor 

  Center for Hands on Exploratory Analysis and Research Statistics  
Online Education
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 Present your innovative ideas 

A Stage to present your findings and share it with global community.

Center for Health Education, Awareness Resources and Services 
Online Meeting

 Continuous Professional Development   

Learning the advanced interventions through webinars and e-learning modules

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 Understanding the workplace ethics 

Dedicated to provide relaxed and comfortable workspace

Code of Human Etiquette and Activity Reporting System 

The Center for Health Education, Awareness Resources and Services (CHEARS) and our members share a common mission of supporting and expanding access to quality comprehensive health care for every individual.

Specifically, CHEARS’s mission is, “to promote health education and awareness among the general public  and professionals.”

The CHEARS vision is “to advance the health and wellness of communities throughout world, creating a comprehensive health awareness for general populations.”

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