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Eyshana Arya

All things Apple, Manga series,
Music, Wanderlust and Laughter. Ardent Animal Lover ??

Unsystematic, like my writing.

As much as I love colors, I like mismatched clothes and accessories. As much as I like a color-coordinated look, I like asymmetrical styles in every vertical.

I write about : Teen Issues | Teen Mental Health | Teen Love and Relationships. Writing is integral to me; however I don?t consider myself a writer. I'm still starting out in this writing life, and it?s been a fun ride so far! I write mostly because it helps me to process my thinking - sometimes I'm willing to let others read what I write - now.

My Love Affair With Anime

3 July 2021

Anime and I have been together for almost a year. Here's how we started.


I used to be an anime skeptic until I immersed myself in something that I’d long regarded as “just not MY type.” But damn was I wrong! After watching the very first episode of Naruto, I was mind-blown. It was more absorbing and impactful than anything that I’d seen in a long time. By the time it ended, I couldn't wait to watch the subsequent episodes. And that is when my love affair with anime started. I fell in love with the characters' determination to achieve goals; I fell in love with the heart-melting scenes; and, for a few minutes, I cried like a baby because of the overwhelming sense of hope the characters instilled in me.


I just couldn’t stop till I completed the whopping 720 episodes; it was an addiction - a crazy one. Some months later, I was a borderline weeb!

I would often find myself staying awake, binge-watching Naruto, asking myself this question - what was so mesmerizing about this manga series that I could actually feel myself being captivated by a world that didn’t even exist.


That was then, this is now.



Today, I find myself writing loving odes to all of the characters.


Key Takeaway from Naruto


What can I say about this? There is an unending list of things I’ve learned! The anime teaches you a lifetime's worth of things.


Every character from this series motivated me, inspired me, and taught me about life itself. I learned something from each of them — sometimes spiritual, and sometimes emotional.


It gave me the ability to understand the realities of life. It taught me many lessons that resonate deeply on an emotional level in everything I do. The learning experience has been overwhelming, to say the least, and it has changed the way I now look at relationships, problems, and life in general.


Importance of Bonds


The most important thing which this show taught me is the importance of friendship. That bonds are really important. The bond between the characters, especially friendship is really what the story is about.


Naruto’s character depicts how to understand and feel the suffering of others. Why it's crucial to never give up on a close friend, irrespective of how bad things get. He demonstrates that you cannot achieve success without the assistance of your friends.


The bond shared between Naruto and Sasuke is a connection which no one else can share. Their connection taught me to hold on to friends, no matter what, and if your friend goes down the wrong path, then it becomes our responsibility as a friend to show him the light. Naruto’s fight to bring Sasuke back from the wrong path, looking after him, giving everything he had just to save a friend was an eye-opener for me, as well as super motivating.


Likewise, the character of Kakashi taught me was that you shouldn’t even bother about the rules of right and wrong when it comes to saving your friend. You have to prioritize the ones you love and care about over and above everything in life.


Consider this piece of wisdom from Kakashi that touched my heart, "In this world those who break the rules are scum, but those who abandon their friends are worse than scum". Here is an important lesson to learn from him – abandoning people who are close to you should not be an option. No Matter What.


Closing Thoughts


Looking back now, I realize that my unusual entry into the manga world has enriched my life by opening doors that I had never anticipated. I fall in love with Naruto over and over again and I would say yes to watch it a hundred times. No institution can replace the Naruto series. It's freaking crazy, if you watched you know what I'm talking about. If you haven’t, I would definitely recommend watching it. It’s a complete life-changer. You won't regret the time you spent.

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