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Ketaki Badhire

I am a writer by passion. I have written extensively researched blogs and articles on food packaging industry trends. Through my writing,I want to reach out to as many people as possible and creat an impact in the society.

How artificial intelligence has changed the fitness industry

8 August 2021

The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionised the fitness industry at an unprecedented rate. With the latest and ever upcoming fitness gadgets, fitness machines, wearables, health related smartphone apps, the health and fitness industry is booming with technological development.

Owing to the current pandemic, due to restrictions on usage of gyms, local gardens, jogging parks, people are increasingly turning towards technology-based fitness options. And with AI it’s like literally having fitness at your fingertips. With ‘n’ number of wellness, diet & exercise apps available on your smartphones, fitness and health are now just one download away!

Many gyms have come up with their virtual personal trainer applications, which helps the subscribers to avail personal fitness guidance from industry experts without stepping outside their homes. Moving ahead this could become the new trend to dominate fitness industry with fitness from home becoming the new favourite amongst exercise enthusiasts.

The latest smartwatches and wearable devices use AI to not just track your number of steps but these app-based tracking devices are capable of measuring your blood-pressure, body temperature, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, sleep pattern which can be relayed to your doctors in real time. These advanced technological features are making these devices indispensable and appealing to not just the youngsters but also the senior citizens.

AI can process numerous data from the sensors, wearables, camera and other connected devices, which provides incredible information about workout session, like number of calories burnt, accuracy of workout and fat burnt during workout. Many diet apps use the AI algorithms to calculate number of calories consumed within a day based on the food items and their quantities consumed by the user. It also calculates the amount of water & calories to be consumed by the user based on the healthy weight target which the user is aiming to achieve. It can also optimise workout, nutrition plan based on information like gender, age, height, weight, workout preference etc.

More and more fitness devices are incorporating speech -recognition and AI chat -interface to aid more realistic and user-friendly conversations, which can account for the personal touch missing from virtual fitness experience.

Having said all this, there are still many who prefer the face-to-face interactive fitness sessions. For many going to gym, yoga classes or jogging parks is not just about fitness but it’s a socialising activity which along with being beneficial for health is also stress busting and opportunity for catching up with likeminded people.

Though AI has surely been ingrained in the fitness industry and coming years will see increasingly more applications of AI being used in the fitness industry.

What are some applications of AI in fitness industry?

1. AI- based fitness trackers

2. AI-based Diet planning apps

3. AI-based yoga apps

4. AI-based exercise apps

5. Gym assistants and online fitness centres

6. AI-based yoga suits

7. Human pose estimation fitness apps

What are the benefits of using AI based fitness applications?

1. As our lives are getting busier and busier day by day, finding time to go to the gym seems impossible. With AI based gym equipment’s, devices and apps, it`s like having a gym in every home.

2. The hi-tech wearables with their body vitals measuring features are a lifesaver for people suffering with health ailments.

3. The AI-based diet planning apps are extremely helpful for weight watchers.

4. The personalised fitness coaching apps provides personal attention and individual goal and individual`s learning pace oriented fitness regime which is very helpful for beginners.

What are the challenges of using AI- based fitness applications?

1. However convenient and technologically advanced, AI -based fitness applications lack human interaction and personal touch.

2. The accuracy of the AI- based health measurements and results depend on many factors and hence may not always be correct.

3. The technologically advanced AI- based devices and equipment’s might not be the most feasible and economic option for many.

4. Trying out exercise regimes on your own using AI-based applications without professional’s attention may cause serious injuries.


The bottom line is, with the rise of ever evolving AI- powered fitness apps, devices, wearables, gadgets, equipment, virtual coaching, virtual trainer etc. the fitness industry is undergoing a major transformation and so is fitness!



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