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Nishi Sheth

Hello , myself nishi sheth . I will be graduating from pharmd next month . I wanted to apply for data analytics concentration in healthcare. Because It will really help in my career as I am going to pursue health informatics in USA for my masters . I urge you to please accept me as intern .

Role of PharmD in Indian healthcare system

16 August 2021

PharmD ( Doctor of pharmacy) has a diverse role in the healthcare system. Especially, in India which is a developing country. PharmD from the 2000s has begun to evolve and has a major impact on the healthcare system. it is one of the professional pharmacy doctoral programs with 5 years of academic and 1 year of internship. PharmD is related to the clinical pharmacy which involves the clinical aspects of the hospital. PharmD personals are mostly related to the medicine spect of the patient which involves the Drug-drug interaction, drug-food interaction, and patient counseling.

Some of the diverse roles of PharmD are:

  1. Patient counseling

  2. Pharmaco-economics

  3. community services

  4. pharmacovigilance

  5. clinical research

  6. Evaluate patient for therapeutic plans

  7. Monitoring drug charts

  8. Antimicrobial stewardship

  9. Clinical trials

The doctoral degree has already proved its importance in the developed countries. while developing countries have just started to know its effectiveness and importance. PharmD's have a large impact on the healthcare sector. Either it is inventory, R and D, or hospital. The role of PharmD is diversified. Every miniature detail related to the patient assessment, history and medication , all is being determined by the clinical pharmacist. various databases such as MICROMEDEX and MEDSCAPE have been widely implemented by PharmD personals. Patient counseling is the main and most appropriate part of the role of a clinical pharmacist. The patient should be counseled for timely medications, disease description, drug interaction, proper storage, ARD's, ADR follow-up, Food to be avoided, and time duration of medication. The clinical pharmacist plays an integral part in between the staff personals such as a doctor, nurses and inventory pharmacist.


Clinical trials are an integral part of healthcare. PharmD personals are really preferred for it. they have a wide knowledge of ICH-GCP guidelines. the need for pharmacists would be dispensing of medication, administrative responsibilities, communication skills, patient counseling, Maintaining the integrity of the trials, procedure guidance, Participation protocols, performing audits, and documentation work.


PharmD personals have high scope in industries too. possibilities are found in regulatory affairs such as Drug regulatory affair specialists and drug regulatory affair officer. Other possible interests of PharmD personal can try for are clinical scientist, clinical research associate, medical sales representative, product manager, medical liaison, scientist, and research scientist ( e.g in oncology, nephrology, molecular science, neurology, and pharmacology ). Medical writing is another branch that deals with the documentation of the subject, experiment, or trials that are ongoing. A medical writer works with the doctor, scientist who implements their work on paper with proper guidelines and publishing.


Either it is any sector, PharmD must be provided with equal importance and it is counted as an integral part of the healthcare sector.

It will be great, if you share your view on above write-up. 

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