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Ambitious, inquisitive and enthusiastic about learning anything related
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knowledge to the field of medicine, especially in this time of pandemic.

Your phone is connected to your heart more than ever!

7 September 2021

On January 15, 2019 the new MyCareLink Smart Monitor from Medtronic, got approved by the FDA, World’s first and only portfolio of pacemakers that can communicate directly with patients' smartphones and tablets with the support of a mobile app. When the monitor is connected to cellular or Wi-Fi service, patients can initiate transmission of pacemaker data, uploading it to Medtronic's secure CareLink remote monitoring network.

In a typical scenario, remote monitoring requires patients to connect to a home-based monitor, at their bedside, to transmit data from their implanted heart device to their doctor or clinic. Today, smartphone-connected devices can automatically send data from anywhere, using an app, as long as there is a cellular or internet connection.

The concept of medical devices which works with personal electronics and apps is a growing trend in health care, and it’s easy to see why? It enables people to take control of their health as most people own some kind of mobile, like a smartphone or tablet.

App-based health monitoring brings technology and healthcare system together to help people with a variety of health issues. Monitoring their health is literally at their fingertips because of user-friendly and readily accessible monitoring system.

The benefits of remote patient monitoring have always been clear to the healthcare community as it not only reduce the number of trips patients have to make to a clinic, it also help caregivers to detect a problem even before the patient requires a visit to an emergency room or admission at a hospital. Early intervention can also mean better health outcomes not to mention improved quality of life for patient’s right at their home.


The features of Heart Mobile app MyCareLink are-

Transmission History

Vitals Tracking

Battery Longevity

Symptom Journal

Device Information


Physical Activity


According to Cleveland Clinic, Pacemakers and other implanted heart devices that connect to a patient’s mobile device are among the most impressive “breakthrough” healthcare technologies of 2021.

It ranked “smartphone-connected pacemaker devices” as number three on its annual Top 10 Medical Innovations for 2021 list.

More than 1 million people are using MyCareLink Network as such connectivity can save lives.


A live example of how beneficial Mycarelink Network would be, in saving a patient’s life

A patient felt dizzy while mowing the lawn with his phone in his pocket. When he sat in his living room to rest, he received a call from his clinic. His implanted device had alerted his medical providers to a problem and they made immediate plans to correct the issue. With a traditional system, such information would have required him being near his bedside monitor and likely delay in his care. We can agree that Connectivity Made All the Difference.

The rapid growth in app-based solutions and increasing acceptance on the part of patients of all ages offers a promising future for remote monitoring.

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