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Spirulina: steps to avoid malnutrition

4 September 2020

We all know that nutrition is the basic need for all type age groups

*The mild nutrition deficiency may cause improper weight and height according to the age

Example: a person which improper body poster like heavy weight or less weight according to the height and age .

*The sevear nutrition problem mainly occur in children due to improper deit and insuuffient food .

Due this situation malnutrition diseases

Example marasmus, kwashiorkar rickets , oestreoporasis like some diseases.

Some countries like african countries and some what in india pakistan . Facing the problems .

Why the disease occur?

The nutrition deficiency occurs mainly two ways

  1. lack of food 

  2. lack of taking rich nutrition diet.

Lack of food : malnutrition problem was rise.

Lack of taking improper deit: nutrients are mainly two types macro nutrients and micro nutrients.

1)*Macro nutrients are: carbohydrates,proteins,fats.

2)*Micro nutrients are :vitamins ,minerals.

majority peaple in our country taking mainly macro nutritents . Less consume of mircro nutritents.

Spirulina .

  • Spirulina is the source to maintain

  • Proper balancing.

What is spirulina.

  • Spirulina is the blue algae commly

  • It is one of the sea weed.

  • Which cantain rich nutrition level .

  • By taking spirulina with proper deit . We shuld overlap yhe malnutrition problem.

  • Spirulina cotain rich macro and micro nutrients content.

Comparative study of nutrition values

Protein content per 100g.

  • Eggs - 13.3 g

  • Milk - 4.3 g

  • soyabean - 43.2 g

  • back gram - 24 g

  • Spirulina - 60 g.

Beta caritine

  • Spirulina - 19000

  • Spinach - 5580

  • Carrot - 1890

  • Mango - 2790

Vitamin B12 .

  • Milk - 0.6

  • Spirulina - 5


  • Soyabean - 11.5

  • Spinach - 10. 9

  • Spirulina - 32.

  • Comparing to the other diet spirulina contain rich in nutrition.

  • Which is useful to prevent malnutrition .

  • Less content high nutrition value .

  • Which is helpful maimtain nutrition diet

  • Useful to maintain properposter.

Thats why spirulina step to avoid malnutriton .

Spirulina which was avilable in the powder form , tablet form , capsule form.



  • Add spirulina in our diet and maitain proper nutrition balance

  • Spirulina plays a main role to preventmalnutrition.

It will be great, if you share your view on above write-up. 

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