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Sara Johny

Myths and the Facts about Diabetes Mellitus

28 July 2021

A 2017 centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report estimated that 30.3 million patients of all ages or 9.4% of the population had diabetes and 84.1 million adults had prediabetes. It is the state in which blood glucose levels are higher than normal but not enough to be diagnosed as diabetes. The rates are increasing day by day. The top 10 countries with the leading number of diabetes are India, Japan, China, the United States and so on. Even this disease condition is more discussed during this pandemic condition.

Although some controversies are still existing, the New global registry investigates COVID-19 and new onset Diabetes in their studies shows that COVID 19 may actually lead to the development of diabetes mellitus. They point out that diabetes arises when severe SARS –CoV-2,the virus that causes COVID-19 which binds to angiotensin converting enzyme 2 receptors in metabolic organs and tissues including the pancreatic cells and kidneys. The CoviDiab registry was established by an international group of diabetes researchers to gather data on COVID-19 related diabetes.

Due to the poor immunity and complications, these patients can cause infections easily. Now a days lots and lots of drugs are available for the treatment of diabetes mellitus and people are blindly convinced by the market tricks and are using the drugs without proper awareness. I’m a healthcare professional and during our internship we met people who are taking medicines without consultation of a physician and are deeply trusted by the manufacturer of medicines. They are taking the drug DULAGLUTIDE which is a glucagon like peptide 1 agonists for their diabetic condition which is administered weekly once . By taking this drug they are telling that a diabetic diet is not required and they also reminded us the drug should be effective and suggested for patients who are not started a insulin therapy. It’s a false belief about the drug .every disease has a proper regimen which should be strictly followed. And no medicine can replace insulin therapy. There are a number of myths about diabetes that are commonly reported as facts. These misrepresentations can sometimes be harmful and lead to unfair stigma around the condition. Taking diabetic medication doesn’t mean it’s a free reign to eat what you want. You have to take your medications as prescribed and should follow a healthy diet to keep blood sugar under control. Regularly eating unhealthy foods and oversized portions may stop your medication from doing its job.

Dulaglutide is used with proper diet and exercise programs to control high blood glucose in people with diabetes mellitus .Controlling high blood sugar helps prevent kidney damage and is not the first line therapy for diabetes mellitus. Dulaglutide is similar to a natural hormone called incretin in our body. It works by causing insulin release in response to high blood sugar levels. It is not a substitute for insulin if you need insulin therapy. There is once weekly injection with initial dose of 0.75 mg may increase dose to 1.5 mg once weekly for additional glycaemic control. It should be taken by the suggestion of your physician.

And if you need to start insulin it does not mean that you are failing to take care of your diabetes properly. Administering insulin to get healthy control over blood glucose is a good thing. Type 2 diabetes is always progressive one. On initial time they can keep their blood glucose under control by taking oral medications and physical activity. By time being the body gradually produces less amount of insulin in order to control blood sugar and eventually oral medications may not be enough for the healthy control.

Scouring the internet and fake advice from surroundings about the treatment and diet for any disease condition may leave you confused and misinformed. There is no shortage of advice but it’s often challenging to discern fact and myth. Once you untangle these myths you will surely find that a diabetes diet plan doesn’t have to be overly restrictive or complicated.

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