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Sneha Jadhav

I Sneha Anil Jadhav, I complete my graduation in pharmacy under Shivaji University Kolhapur and now i am doing masters degree in pharmacology under Shivaji University, Kolhapur. Also I Publish Research article & I also publish articles at CHEARS.

6 Remedies to reduce periods cramps

26 December 2021

Menstrual pain (dysmenorrhea) is a sharp or throbbing pain in the lower abdomen. Many women experience premature menstrual cramps.

It is most common among those with severe, irregular periods, those who start before the age of twelve and those who are underweight.


1. Massaging with essential oils

A massage therapy for about 20 minutes can help. Menstrual massage therapy involves squeezing certain points while the therapist's hands move to your abdomen, side, and back. Adding essential oils to the aromatherapy style of massage may have additional benefits.

Other essential oils that can help include:

• lavender

• peppermint

• rose

• fennel

You can buy perfumed oils with the same ingredients or make your own. You should always clean your essential oil with a carrier oil. Examples include vegetable oils or nuts, such as grapeseed or sweet almond oil. Safe concentration of one drop of essential oil per teaspoon of trans fats.


2. Avoiding certain foods

During menstruation, it is a good idea to avoid foods that cause constipation and water retention. Some of the major problems include:

• fatty foods

• alcohol

• carbonated beverages

• caffeine

• salty foods

Reducing or cutting back on these foods can help alleviate cramps and reduce tension. Try cooled ginger (caffeine-free) or mint tea or spicy hot water

instead of a lemon. If you need sugar preparation, eat fruits such as strawberries or raspberries.


3. Avoid These

Your eating habits and lifestyle can help or hurt the cramps over time. If you experience menstrual irregularities, some women find it helpful to avoid certain foods. Skip white, refined foods that include sugar, bread, and pasta. Avoid trans-fatty acids found in processed foods such as fries, cookies, onion rings, crackers, and margarine. Stop alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine. All of these substances increase inflammation and may promote temporary pain. There is some evidence that reducing harmful fats can also help to alleviate pain.


4. Sip Chamomile Tea

Drinking chamomile tea can help reduce menstrual cramps. Chamomile tea is full of anti-inflammatory substances that block prostaglandin. Prostaglandin is produced by cells in the uterine endometrium. These cells release prostaglandins during a woman's period, causing uterine contractions, pain, and cramps. Prostaglandin in the blood causes nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, and headaches during menstruation. NSAIDs such as naproxen and ibuprofen reduce prostaglandin production. Drinking chamomile tea prevents prostaglandin causing pain and improves menstrual flow to alleviate menstrual symptoms.


5. Key ingredient Haldi

Curcumin, an ingredient in the root turmeric, may help relieve PMS symptoms. Women who took 2 capsules of curcumin per day for 7 days prior to menstruation and for 3 days after their period began experienced a reduction in PMS symptoms compared to women who took placebo pills. Scientists think beneficial compounds in curcumin combat inflammation and alter neurotransmitter levels, all of which may be responsible for the reduction in PMS symptoms. Women treated with curcumin reported improvements in behavioural, mood, and physical symptoms due to PMS. Curcumin may also have benefits for people with inflammatory conditions like arthritis, IBS, inflammatory bowel disease, autoimmune diseases, and other conditions.


6. Skip the Caffeine

Eliminating caffeine helps many women relieve menstrual cramps. Caffeine comes in a many forms including coffee, tea, soda, chocolate, and energy drinks. If you consume caffeine daily, you may need to lower your dose slightly to avoid withdrawal symptoms. Instead, try smoothies loaded with vegetables rich in antioxidant, berry and powdered protein. Nutrition will provide you with the much-needed relief from the cold pain that accompanies caffeine.





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