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Tanu mishra

I am a 3rd year biomedical science student at Navrachna
university. My interest lies in research but apart from it I like
organizing and managing things. I've always wanted to
contribute to the science community and especially in the
ways where I can help people.
I’ve been a part of CHEARS for 6 months and I believe it’s time for a change in my role.

The upcoming threat

5 January 2022

2022 has begun, but what else has begun in conjunction with this? It’s the corona virus variant omicron’s wave. Many specialists currently predict that the peak of this variation will occur in March or April. People are hurling themselves at each other in public places; most of them are not even wearing masks, and if they are, they are worn below their nose, leaving it entirely uncovered. The first and second waves of the Coronavirus, which occurred in the years 2020 and 2021, respectively, claimed numerous lives in India and around the world. Many preventative steps were implemented, ranging from the distribution of home cure kits to the expansion of hospital beds, despite trying everything conceivable, including inventing a vaccine in such a short amount of time, mankind continues to be vanquished by this virus. COVID-19 struck me in April 2021, therefore I only recently received my second dose. When I arrived at the clinic, I noticed that no one was wearing a mask, including the nurse who was administering the vaccine. I noticed that 15 of the 20 folks had come to get their first dose in late December. It's no surprise that the virus is spreading so quickly. It is now up to us to decide whether we want another wave of this virus or whether we will work together to combat it by taking all required precautions and following all the guidelines provided by the respective government. The government has not enforced a day curfew or lockdown, but if it is not absolutely necessary, please do not leave your homes. Try to use online transactions as much as feasible, and shop online as much as possible. After entering or exiting the elevators, or touching any public object, use hand sanitizer. As the elderly say, we learn from our mistakes. After the first wave, we were careless, so as we face the second wave, let’s not make the same mistake again and prevent the next wave of coronavirus.

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