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Dr. Ateendra Jha
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Are We Getting New Challenge from COVID19 - ADEM ?

9 July 2020

As time is passing we are getting new challenges from COVID19. In a recent study it was found that COVID-19 is getting access to our brain also. Scientists in London found link between COVID-19 and Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM). However number of cases reported are just 9, but now it has become concern for the health community. Research revealed that COVID-19 was not detected in brain or spinal fluid, but evidence suggest that brain inflammation had been caused by an immune response to disease. As we all are aware that ADEM is not first in the list, before this many other complications, like seizures, psychosis and confusion, have already joined the list of COVID-19. Now this new challenge will make this fight little more difficult. Dr. Ross, an author of study published in Brain, told that we all are aware of the fact that virus may have neurological consequences but range of clinical complication is broad. He added that, having cases of delirium with psychosis, with respiratory virus is unusual. The case which we are getting now may be trailer of the the severe end of spectrum. As we are getting all these in initial days of this outbreak, so we do not what long term damage COVID-19 can cause.