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Plant based foods/herbs as immune boosters against COVID-19

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22 Jul 2020

The advent of year 2020 and still ongoing, has been shrouded with the dark clouds of corona pandemic. The year of unpredictability and no cure has created chaos in the normal and disease afflicted population. Thereby, one of the prophylactic options that is available are the Immune boosters that boost our immunity to overpower the virus. The propensity of contracting COVID-19 lies with the vulnerable population with low immunity, children and aged group. The plant based foods increase and help the intestinal bacteria, and the overall gut biome that constitute the major chunk of the body's immune system. The herbs like ginger, garlic, black cumin and liquorice can be added to the diet or in the form of decoction that improves immunity as well the over-all gut health. These herbs have already had major breakthrough in therapeutic effects against SARS in 2003. Various studies have identified a antioxidant glutathione present abundantly in (spinach, avocados, asparagus, okra) and the bioflavonoid, Quercitin present in (onions, apples, grapes, berries, brocolli, citrus fruits) etc respectively to prevent infections including COVID-19. In conclusion, the plant based foods/herbs should made a part of our regular diet as they play a vital role to enhance the immunity and thereby prevent COVID-19.

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