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Diabetes may indicate its arrival through your skin

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5 Nov 2020

Diabetes can talk to you through your skin. There are plenty of changes in our body when our sugar level goes High. With in increase of sugar level there are lots of changes in body fluids as well as natural mechanism of body function, which if turns into any health related problem we name it as pathological changes. These changes indicate us that there is some change in normal functionality of the body. Which can be observed as either signs or symptoms. We are going to dicuss one such problem here which indicates its arrival through our skin changes but most of the times we ignore it. 

Yes I am talking about diabetes. Diabetes is hyperglycemic situation. In general term we can say that it is increase in sugar level in our blod. This leads to increase in viscosity of our blood or we can say it makes our blood more dens. High density blood feels difficult to move through our fine arteries or we can say arterioles. This ultimately leads to scarcity of moisture and availability of nutrients in various body parts. 

In case of diabetes SKIN is one such superficial layer which may warn you such changes. 

  1. Dry skin : Due to scarcity of nutrients and moisture skin may start getting dry. This can be a sign of diabetic condition. If you are not able to control your dry skin with just moustures it is better to have a look on the side of diabetes. It should be noted that neither diabetes is only reason for dry skin nor dry skin is only sign of diabetes. 

  2. Bristles : Diabetes can lead to bristles on hand, feet and other parts of the body. These can be a little large in size or you may notice a group of bristles. But bristles are quite rare. These appear when blood sugar levels are left uncontrolled for long.

  3. Brown batches on the skin : Brown patches on the skin which may look like a tan can be due to diabetes. This condition is common among people with diabetes. In this, the skin becomes dark, thick and feels velvety. This may be itchy.

  4. Frequent infections : Diabetic patients are vulnerable for frequent infection due to high level of availability of sugar in body. In this situation skin may get yeast or fungal infection frequently. If someone gets frequent infection, it is advisable to have a look on the side of diabetes.

  5. Slow wound healing : If healing of wound is slow, it may also have indication towards worsening sugar balance in body. Wound healing delayed in case of diabetic patient. 

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