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Opinion : Positivity Thrown in Trash

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21 Jul 2020

Opinion Corner : COVID-19 situation, or it will not wrong if I say this realistic situation, which showed real face of our healthcare infrastructure and capabilities, is now known to all of us. And surprisingly we are so great that after listening the various news agencies, we intellectuals start giving our opinion and suggestions to those who are not at all concerned with this infrastructure management. 

Confused ???? Let me explain you in better way. COVID-19 situation is out of control and situation is so worse that instead of checking and learning from the good things going around, we prefer to go for blame game. Government does not have proper infrastructure, This state is not doing well, That state is not supporting doctors and many things. Did you ever get the news that this state has done so nicely and all should learn and try to implement this. I feel it's rare. 

And by mistake if it comes also some where in news, it will remain for few minutes or hours or mostly for specific that bulletin. Take example of Kerala, Initially it was on top, with maximum number of cases now they are so managed and balanced that are not even in top 10 struggling states. But I never heard any national news channel to present Kerala model in front of nation/state. If they did, then also it was just for few minutes or one bulletin. But Maharashtra is failing this they will show full day. However I am not here for this news debate. I just want to bring out point we are focusing on wrong more than right. 

Now let me start actual key point I wanted to share As I told earlier, in same manner one such type of news got suppressed, in trash folder of media. Incidence is of Raybareli ( Published in News Paper) . On diagnosis of one Corona positive worker and on arrival of one corona positive patient, the hospital healthcare system collapsed in such a way that no one was their to attend them. Doctor's phone got off, all members were out of network and corona positive patients were unattended. In such situation a pharmacist took the responsibility to manage the out tracked situation and did primary care for patients. But this was not shown anywhere ( as per my knowledge ) , if shown also then just in a corner of paper or one bulletin. Now this news also have two Sides.. Either you want to present it as failure of healthcare or you want to present is alertness and dedication of Pharmacist. 

Most of the News agencies will use it to show failure of healthcare but is there any agency which will bring out an important point here. Pharmacists are not just compounders. They are well educated, enough to handle the worst situation. Only thing is, opportunities are just restricted sometime by dominance and sometime due to ignorance. Learn from failure, don't take it as highlighted news. Check the positive aspects and follow those views. Drop your view in comment.. like to hear your ideas.

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Dr. Ateendra Jha

Dr. Ateendra Jha is a data expert and a software engineer who works in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science. He has a diverse and impressive background, having pursued a Doctor of Pharmacy, worked as a product manager, an assistant professor, a hospital administrator, and a researcher. He has also guided many students and projects in various domains of health and technology. He is currently a Consultant (Software Engineer Lead) at Capgemini, where he contributes to innovative solutions and groundbreaking developments in AI and data analysis. He is also a writer, speaker, editorial board member, and health expert who shares his knowledge and insights on various platforms. He has a website where you can learn more about him and his work.

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