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Coronavirus originated from China mine eight years ago, two US scientists claim

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18 Aug 2020

Two scientists have uncovered more evidence about the Wuhan virus. They say the virus could be at least eight years old and started spreading from a Chinese mine first. It is the worst version of the virus which now revealing itself in South-east Asia There have been several conspiracy theories being floating around for months, some have claimed it originated from the wet market, other said that it began from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, some even said it is a weapon of biological warfare. However, the question on the origins of the coronavirus still remain unanswered, however, it may change now as two scientists in America have penned their report shedding new light on the origins of the deadly coronavirus The virus is mutating into its deadlier versions after months of research, the world has more questions than answers. China must share what it knows about the contagion, the least it can do after exporting the virus to the world.

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