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Pandemic induced Panic

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13 May 2021

With the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic spreading in all parts of the world, there is just as much panic spreading among the general public in unprecedented ways. The fear of the misinformation consuming people's lives is more daunting than the fear induced by the viral infection itself. This is evident from the fact that people have stopped thinking rationally and have started getting carried away by whatever they see on the internet about the virus, regardless of the authenticity of the sources they are consuming information from. This has resulted in a lot of people getting trapped in the forever feeling of helplessness and inevitable insecurity. People are beginning to experience sudden increase in panic attacks as a result of stress and fear of contracting the coronavirus without knowing that the most important way of battling the infection is by staying strong mentally. While such people can seek medical attention from psycotherapists, the best way out would be to stop getting misconstrued from unwarranted information on social media by cross-checking facts from genuine sources like the World Health Organisation, which is publishing facts and prescribing precautionary measures from time to time. The real solution to this pandemic is not in being too much informed but lies in staying home and in stepping out only for unavoidable reasons, in boosting our immune system and lastly in feeding on healthy information instead of going crazy over baseless statements popularised on social media.

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