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Emotional and physical impacts of anxiety

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13 Dec 2021

Anxiety birth from any fear and taking a lot of stress in the daily life . In this fears like fear of death , fear of heart attack, fear of losing job etc etc. . The concious is overpowered by the subconcious mind and activate the autonomic nervous system .The autonomic nervous system mainly is the system of central nervous system which controls the most of the functions of the body automatically like Heartbeat , Breathing ,digestion etc. . when stress and fear increase in the body the autonomic nervous system starts the 'fight and flight ' mode which is defence mechanism of brain to fight the fear and stress. From the the adrenaline gland which is present over the kidney rushes the adrenaline in the body and adrenaline receptors are present on the all over organs and muscles , so the symptoms produce from anxiety are =

  1. Impending of doom ( something happening worse)

  2. Increaesd heartbeat

  3. Digestion problems

  4. Muscle twitching

  5. Back pain (upper or lower)

  6. Stiff neck

  7. fatigue

Treatment - Medications-

  • Benzodiazepenes or combination of benzodiazepenes and calcium channel blockers ( control heartbeat)

  • Self treatment - control over emotions

  • Change negative thoughts to positive thoughts (send positive affirmations to brain counter the negative thought)

  • CBT -Cognitive behaviourial therapy ( Done by professional psychiatrist)

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