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Precautionary Measures and Medical Consultations to Follow in Case of Covid-19 Symptoms

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14 Jun 2021


The new mutated strain has high transmission rates so it is advised to wear double mask with surgical and cloth or N95 mask for individual safety.


The mutated strain is showing many false negatives which imply that even positive patients with full blown symptoms have a negative test. In case of doubt, after getting yourself tested and take the necessary precautions.

Treatment -

Asymptomatic + Covid positive

The risk of disease progression in asymptomatic and Covid positive patients is relatively low and it can be cured by simply following the home isolation guidelines.  The treatment includes proper rest and isolation from the members of the household, taking proper meals and regular monitoring of oxygen saturation level in the body. The saturation level should be 94 or more and incase it drops below 94, it is advised to report to the hospital or consult your physician.

Minimal symptoms

According to authentic sources, the mild symptoms of Covid- 19 can be categorized as sore throat, throat pain and loss of smell as the most common symptoms. The risk factor associated in these symptoms is very minimal and can be cured by self- isolation at home and with regular monitoring of Oxygen saturation in the body. The saturation level should be 94 or more and incase it drops below 94, it is advised to report to the hospital or consult your physician.

Moderate symptoms

If you have symptoms like fever, dry cough and tiredness, it is necessary to consult and visit a dedicated Covid health centre. These symptoms might not severely affect your body but should not be neglected or taken casually.

Severe symptoms

Breathlessness along with the above mentioned symptoms at any age fall under the severe and serious symptoms of Covid-19. It is associated with high risk factor and should be reported immediately in a proper Covid hospital for further consultancy and treatment.

Also, the risk is higher if patient is above 60 or has any comorbidities like diabetes, hypertension, history of heart disease)

At home treatment –

Follow strict isolation and provide samples for the test if any mild or common symptoms of the disease are seen in a stipulated time period of 10 days prior.

Monitor oxygen saturation (SpO2) with a finger based pulse-oximeter every 4 hours. There is no need to worry if  the saturation is maintained above 94 but if saturation falls follow the process to take deep breaths and if it fails to fall into the normal range immediately consult your physician.

You can also try the home- based remedies including but not limited to steaming, iodine/warm water gargles and consuming Multivitamins.

Physician Prescription Drugs:-

With the new strain, Symptoms are not necessarily in correlation with the lung damage seen. Early CT or markers of inflammation (Serum CRP, Ferritin, D-Dimer, LDH) can help assess the status of infection and help us be safer and urgent about the management protocol.

It is advisable not to discontinue ongoing prescribed medication for Diabetes, Hypertension or thyroid.

Also, based on your CT score & clinical condition, your physician can prescribe you the following (for at home, or in the hospital):-

Antivirals -

Remedesvir (While the most commonly prescribed, it is not the sole requirement for getting better)


  • Tab Fabiflu (favipravir):- Another antiviral in oral form which is commonly prescribed for at home treatment and in case of unavailability of Remedesvir or following iv doses.

  • STEROIDS (I/V in hospital/oral preparations for home) - For precautionary measures, it is to be kept in mind not to abruptly discontinue, the doses and discuss how to taper. Also, Epileptic patients should first consult their physician for drug interactions prior to starting steroids.

  • Anticoagulants

  • Antibiotics can be consumed to prevent pneumonia.

  • Toclizumab Injection – This medicine is used for hospitalized patients with moderate to severe risk.

NOTE : Information provided are for the knowledge/information purpose. Neither Author nor CHEARS promotes self-medication. We advise you to consult your physician before any therapeutic intervention

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