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cancer prevention

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Cancer is a process of abnormal growth of cells resulting in aberrant physiologic appearance. This cannot be stopped but providing education to patients and providing useful awareness and hazards of the effect can be beneficial.

Following are the preventive measures:

1. Smoking cessation

  • Smokers are at an increased risk of cancer of lung, mouth , esphageous. Tobacco chewing is more prone to cause mouth cancer.
  • Quitting smoking reduces the risk of lung , esphagous , liver, stomach, bladder, mouth and larynx cancer.
  • People who stop smoking have 30-50% lower risk of developing cancer despite the risk persist for years after smoking cessation.
  • The risk of oral cancer is increased by fourfold for esophageal and mouth cancer.
  • Nowdays e-cigarretes are being also introduced but its contains nicotine that are addictive and causes fetuses.

2. Physical activity

  • Exercising daily at least 30 minutes of walk gets help rid of all diseases.
  • Increase in physical activity leads to decrease in obesity which is also a risk factor for cancer.
  • physical activity has shown decreased risk of breast and colon cancer.

3. Diet modification

  • Due to poor diet which are high in fat are associated with increased risk of cancer.
  • High amount of alcohol, cigarette , fatty diet, preservative rich food , oily and sugary food increases free reactive oxygen species causing oxidative stress which in turn causes cellular damage . The cellular damage leads to mutation causing abnormal growth of cells.
  • High fibre diet and rich in antioxidants is highly beneficial to some extent to prevent cancer.

4. Energy balance

  • If body mass index increase shows more than 25 kg/m2 has shown increased risk of cancer.
  • Obesity has shown to increase the risk of cancer.
  • Obese female patients have increased risk of colon cancer.

5.Sun avoidance

  • Non melanoma cancers are the one occurring due to high uv radiation .
  • sunburn are the risk factors for increased risk of melanoma.
  • Using proper sunscreen can help prevent damage to grater extent.
  • Self-examinattion of skin pigmentation i.e people having freckles are at high risk for developing cancer.
  • Sunscreen decrease the risk of actinic keratoses, which develop into squamous cell carcinoma later.


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