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1 Aug 2021

Mucormycosis fungal infections, its not a new fungal infection. But it was very well known among people. Due to COVID when patients already having low immunity. This infection attack the patients easily.

This commonly known as BLACK FUNGUS. This name is so common now days, not disease. Yes this disease is dangerous. But not as COVID.

First off all its not a transferable disease. It usually develop where there is a moisture. Generally the corona patients. They keep wearing mask. And because of humidity the infections occurs. This generally seen people with diabetes. And people how are taking steroids. As COVID patients are given steroids.

This is also known as Zygomycosis, its rare diease. Inhalation, inoculation of spores.

If we look upon the symptoms swelling on one side of the face, headche, nasal sinus congestion, fever, abdominal pain, internal bleeding. Actually these symptoms are common, as a result people didn't get that its a black fungus.

Treatment plan is antifungal drugs or surgery depending upon the seriousness of the disease

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