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Students During Break

Chapter @ CHEARS

To Start Chapter , please complete the following documents and send to

College Classroom


Article 1 : Name

1. The name of this organization should be the CHEARS Student Chapter at <Institution Name>, herein referred to as CHEARS <CHAPTER NAME>.

Article 2:  Affiliation 1: 

CHEARS CHAPTER shall maintain affiliation as a component chapter of the CHEARS.

Article 3:  Membership Active membership

  1. Membership shall be open to any undergraduate or graduate student at any health-related academic institution.

  2. Each Member should register themself as CHEARS members.

  3. Chapter members shall be CHEARS student members.


Article 4:  Organization

  1. The CHEARS Chapter Executive Committee shall have : Faculty Advisor(Faculty), President (Student), President-elect(Student), Secretary(Student) and Treasurer(Student).

  2. The CHEARS Chapter should have at least 30 student members.

  3. The chapter executive officers shall hold their respective positions for a term of one year, or for the remainder of a term when filling a vacancy.

  4. A faculty member shall be asked to serve as the Faculty Advisor, and shall oversee the activities of the student chapter.

  5. A person who is not in good academic standing in the academic institution shall not be elected to hold a position in the Chapter Executive Committee.

Article 5:  Procedures

  1. CHAPTER shall hold general meetings during the academic year. Special executive meetings shall be held at the discretion of the executive officers.

  2. Meeting should count at least one in a month (Excluding any month of vacation or unavoidable circumstances. ) Virtual Meetings should be preferred in the current situation.

  3. Report for the same should be sent to . Report should contain minutes of meeting, List of attendees and pic(if any).


Article 6: Duties


The President of chapter shall:

1. Conduct and preside over all meeting of chapter 

2. Represent chapter when called upon to do so.

3. Provide a report of activities and financial transactions to the CHEARS.


The President-elect of chapter shall:

1. Succeed to the office of the President upon completion of a one-year term of President-elect.

2. Conduct and preside over all meetings in the absence of the President.

3. Assist the President with the responsibilities


The Secretary of chapter shall:

1. Record the minutes of meetings.

2. Work with other Executive Committee members to submit the Chapter Annual Report (typically by end of  December).


The Treasurer of  chapter shall:

1. Be responsible for any financial transactions of Chapter (If Any) .

2. Keep and maintain the CHAPTER members records.

3. Assist the President in the preparation of an annual budget.

4. Oversee the financial activities of  chapter. 


Article 7: Activities

  1. Chapter is fully independent to conduct any educational activity at their own level. Report of the same should be sent to

  2. Chapter is authorized to use CHEARS name and logo in association with their organizational logo with prior approval for same from CHEARS. 

  3. Chapter can send their event broadcast to so that it will be broadcasted through our global channel.

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