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26 August 2021

Recently I met an accident. I have been prescribed with Advifen. Lat month I had joundice. One of my relative told not take it. Is it safe to take ?

19 August 2021

I heard few drugs are nod good in pregnancy. I am on Capoten can I continue with this. I am 4 months pregnant.

17 August 2021

I have fever with vomitting. I m also under period. Felling weakness. What ca I do

17 August 2021

I am mom of 1 month son. can i give powder milk to him.

23 August 2021

My 20 year son is getting pain occassionaly in its right abdomen since his 10 yr age. I consulted dr they are saying it may be gastric. Is it gastric then what should i do. or is there any chance of any othe problem.

18 August 2021

I m feeling stomach pain since last two days. Two months pregnant. Will it be good to have painkillers. If yes can you suggest any.

17 August 2021

I m getting vomitting from last two days when ever I eat something. How to stop it. What is reason.

17 August 2021

ٹانگوں کے شدید درد کا علاج کیا ہے؟

20 August 2021

I am getting lower leg swelling. I used some ointments of uncle it started burning so i stopped, What can I do.

18 August 2021

What is the best home remedy to loose weight. I am of 85kg with height 165cm. I feel I am over weight.

17 August 2021

I am suffering from diabetes. Will it be fine to have sweets as no food is available now. If yes then how much can I take

17 August 2021

I am a working Professional. I have few bottles of wine. I have not taken food from last 2 days as i am out of city. will it be fine to take wine in empty stomach.

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