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Content Writing

<p class="font_8">Task under Dept. of Public Relations, CHEARS</p>
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<li><p class="font_8">Time limit for Video - Maximum 5 Minutes</p></li>
<li><p class="font_8">No. of maximum slides in presentations (if any): 15</p></li>

Dear Intern, You need to complete following task within the duration of 1 Month.

  1. Please follow the instructions given below for content writing.

  2. Record the video reciting / telling your story/write-up to engage the audience. (each story/write-up should have separate video.)

  3. Submit the video (Link will appear on your profile in last week of your internship). Your article/write-up will publish on CHEARS website and certificate for same will be delivered (In addition to the internship certificate)

  4. Your video will be uploaded by our official account on the preferred social media of yours ( LinkedIn / Facebook / Instagram ). You will be tagged and the response of your connection and real world people on your presentation will be analyzed. This step is required to get the wide range feedback in real world. It is responsibility of the intern to divert the connection and advice them to put the feedback on your submission.

  5. Evaluation grades - 40 points ( Way of presentation ) ; 40 points ( Quality of work ) ; 20 points ( Social Response ) . Grade will appear on your certificate.

  6. Highest score holder will be declared as Intern of Month (In each domain IT / Public Health/ Public Relations).


Content Writing:

  • Articles can be related to any innovative ideas / inspirational stories / your life incidences / current affairs and many more....

  • It should not have any political influence / religious comments / communal views.

  • Write articles with minimum 2-3 pages, including catchy pictures.

  • Choose a catchy title, features to hold readers and engage them in deep of your write-up.

  • No. of articles to be written is 2


First slide should have following format :


<Your Name>

CHEARS Internship

Department of Public Relations

<Month> <Year>

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