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4 Foods In Your Lunch To Lose Weight Quicker

It’s often said breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That’s because a good breakfast can fill you up adequately to fuel your brain and body throughout the day. However, the importance of a good lunch isn’t stressed on so much. It’s said that you must eat breakfast like a King and the same advice also applies to people who are trying to lose weight. Skipping breakfast is one of the worst things to do if you’re trying to get fitter, but the same thing is also true for lunch. It’s relatively easier to skip breakfast than to skip lunch, so everyone ultimately does end up eating during noontime. However, if you’re someone with weight loss as your goal, you need to also need to tailor your meals in a way that they are both nutritious and boost energy, as well as are easy to digest and low in calories.

Here are some foods you can include in your lunch, to lose weight:

1. Whole Grains: Depending on your weight loss goal, you can include some amount of whole grains in your lunch. Be it in the form of chapatis, whole wheat sandwiches or any oats preparation, eating whole grains can ensure you stay full for longer. Whole grains also maintain blood sugar levels and provide you with adequate energy to sail through the second half of your day. You can avoid them, in case you have consumed your stipulated amount of whole grains in breakfast itself.

2. Vegetables: Vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and spinach are both nutritious and low in calories. Try and include more of these veggies for lunch. Make sure they are cooked though, as uncooked vegetables may be less nutritious. Have vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers for salad. If you’re opting for just a salad for lunch, make sure the dressing is free of fatty ingredients like mayonnaise.

3. Lean Proteins: This is one nutrient your lunch must have. Lean proteins can be added to your afternoon meals in the form of chicken, tuna, turkey or beans, tofu and lentils in case of vegetarian meals. They help you stay satiated throughout the afternoon and give your evening workouts a boost of energy.

4. Probiotics: Foods like curd and yogurt can be an important addition to your afternoon meals, as they help in easy digestion of the food. If you’re someone who has frequent gastric troubles or suffer from digestive stress often, you must include a bowl of raita in your lunch. Probiotics ensure a healthy gut and a healthy gut is the key to a healthy weight loss.

Eating well is a major part of weight loss and it’s crucial to plan your meals in a way that you meet your nutritional requirements, well within your stipulated calorie intake limit. It’s always advisable to contact an expert nutritionist or dietician for meal plans for weight loss.



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