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A Rare Case : Woman found with Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome

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A patient , 30 years visited Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose cancer hospital with complaint of abdominal pain. during the lab investigation and test it was found that she was man suffering from testicular cancer.

She is married woman since last 10 years, and was living family life. Couple tried for baby many times but failed to get baby.

She never experienced menstruation. On further investigation it was found that she does not have uterus and ovaries, since birth. After test report it was revealed that patient has "blind vagina"

After these report doctors planned for karyotyping test. Test revealed that she has chromosome XY instead of XX. Test also revealed that she has testicles inside her body.

However she was genetically male but she has all external features from her voice, breast development and external genitalia, all features are of female.

Test report revealed that her testicles are not developed and so in absence of male hormone, female hormone dominated and gave her all appearance of female.

On further investigation on her family history, doctors found that her younger sister is also suffering from aldosterone intolerance syndrome. So it may be hereditary problem. These type of case occurs only one in about 30,000.

Currently she is under treatment for cancer and doctors are counseling to her and her husband to continue their martial life as they did till now.



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