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Amitriptyline induces Thrombocytopenia ?

Query :

Either amitriptyline causes bone marrow suppression and Immunosupression ? If yes what are incidences.

Answer :

Rarely causes Thrombocytopenia.

Additional Information:

Amitriptyline is a Tricyclic antidepressants that inhibits the re-uptake of noradrenaline at the noradrenergic nerve endings and the re-uptake of serotonin (5-hydroxy tryptamine) at the serotoninergic nerve endings in the central nervous system. These two effects are considered to be the likely base of the antidepressant effect of amitriptyline.

The drug also has a strong anticholinergic effect.

Fractures: Bone fractures have been associated with antidepressant treatment. Consider the possibility of a fragility fracture if an antidepressant-treated patient presents with unexplained bone pain, point tenderness, swelling, or bruising. •

Hematologic effects: TCAs may rarely cause bone marrow suppression; monitor for any signs of infection and obtain CBC if symptoms (eg, fever, sore throat) evident. Bone marrow depression (including agranulocytosis, leukopenia, and thrombocytopenia), eosinophilia, purpura Some people who take this drug may get a very bad muscle problem called tardive dyskinesia. The risk may be greater in older adults, mainly women. The chance that this will happen or that it will never go away is greater in people who take this drug in higher doses or for a long time. Muscle problems may also occur after short-term use with low doses or muscle problems with tongue, face, mouth, or jaw like tongue sticking out, puffing cheeks, mouth puckering, or chewing.

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