AOSD patients Got Their First Treatment

AOSD (adult onset still’s disease), is a rare and serious autoinflammatory disease of unknown origin.

Autoinflammatory diseases are caused by abnormalities of the immune system which trigger an inflammatory response that can damage the body’s own tissue.

Characteristics of the ASD overlaps with Systemic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis ( SJIA ), which includes fever, arthritis, rash and elevated markers of inflammation. The role of interleukin-1 ( IL-1), is well stabilized in AOSD and SJIA.

The u.s. food and drug administration approved Ilaris ( canakinumab ) injection for the treatment of active still’s disease, including adult onset still’s disease. It was previously approved for systemic Juvenile idiopathic arthritis in the patients aged 2 years or older.

Ilaris blocks the effects of IL-1 and suppress inflammation in the patients with auto inflammatory disorder. The safety and efficacy of drug was established using comparable pharmacokinetic exposure and extrapolation of stabilized efficacy of of canakinumab in the patients with SJIA and AOSD.

Common side effects reported by the patients are cold and upper respiratory tract infection, abdominal pain and sometimes injection site reactions. Patients are advised not to take any live vaccinations during the treatment. As there is a blockage of IL-1 , chances of infection are high. Macrophage activation syndrome, is known life threatening disorder, that may develop in the patients with rheumatic condition, in particular Still’s disease and should be aggressively treated.

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