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Benefits and uses of coconut for your health, skin and hair

Coconuts are versatile; they can be used as a fruit, in desserts and in savouries. In fact they dominate quite a part in the Southern Indian dishes. It is a part of every celebration, as an ingredient in the delicacies prepared, as offering to the gods and to mark an auspicious occasion. Not only are they used for their mild flavours, but also for their health benefits and benefits they provide for the skin. According to experts, coconuts can be used as moisturizer, toner and make-up remover. Here are some important reasons to add coconuts in your daily diet.

Coconut is known as an amazing natural toner. The fats in the coconut minimize the pores that attract dirt and bacteria and prevent skin from getting damaged.

In fact, the toning property of coconut helps in preventing acne by minimizing the pores of the skin, leaving it glowing.

It is also used as a natural moisturizer, especially for winter. It tends to hydrate your skin and keep it nourished all day long. Applying virgin coconut oil directly or mixing a few drops to your daily moisturizer will definitely make your skin glow.

All you need to do is to dab coconut oil on cotton and rub it gently on your face. It will naturally remove make up and excess oil leaving your skin supple and smooth.

Coconut is meant to enhance the sweetness of your dessert. Add grated coconut or coconut milk to your favourite sweet treat. You can also substitute all-purpose flour with coconut flour while baking a cake or make your pie tastier with a filling of tender coconut chunks. Also, roll your chocolate cookies in desiccated coconut before baking to relish the goodness of the fruit.

Make refreshing drinks with a variety of fruits like watermelon, orange or sweet lime and add coconut water in it.

If you are bored of regular smoothies, try a tropical flavoured one made of low-fat coconut milk or coconut water. You can also add tender coconut chunks along with your choice of fruits and blend them together to enjoy something new to your palates.

Infuse more and more coconut milk or grated coconut in your curries. You can also substitute olive oil with coconut oil to make your salad dressing and temper your chutneys, curd-based curries and dals with coconut oil.



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