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Brain dead patient saved life of others

Case 1 :

A 47 year old patient died after two days of hospitalization, but saved three lives.

In Satara on Sunday 47-year-old man was seriously injured in the accident and died two days later, His heart, liver and kidney were donated to three recipients at Ruby Hall Clinic on Tuesday. The injured man was brought to Ruby Hall Clinic, but declared brain dead on Monday morning. He hailed from a farmer’s family in Satara, said Dr Sanjay Pathare, medical director at Ruby Hall Clinic.

The man’s father gave the go-ahead to donate his organs — heart, a kidney and liver — to recipients, said Surekha Joshi, medical social worker at Ruby Hall Clinic. According to Dr Manoj Durairaj, cardiac surgeon, the heart was transplanted into a 55-year-old diabetic man from Daund, who only had 15 -20 per cent heart function. “It was difficult for him to walk or even use the washroom,” said Durairaj. The heart transplant procedure was completed within four hours on Tuesday. The liver and one kidney were also transplanted into recipients at Ruby Hall Clinic.

(Source : Indian Express)

Case 2 :

40-year-old brain dead photographer from Navsari gave life to five persons.

Sandipsinh Desai, a professional photographer residing in Navsari, suffered a paralysis attack on December 7. On the next day, he complaint of severe headache and was taken to a private hospital, where the MRI test confirmed severe blood clotting in the veins. He was put on ventilator, but his health deteriorated and was declared brain dead on December 11. Dr Ankur Rana of Shraddha Hospital in Navsari contacted Surat-based DonateLife for contacting the family members of the brain dead patient for cadaver donation. The DonateLife volunteers visited Navsari and met Sandipsinh’s mother Pushpaben and convinced her for cadaver donation. Sandipsinh was the only son of Pushpaben and she readily agreed for the same. Ahmedabad-based Institute of Kidney Diseases and Research and Centre (IKDRC) team led by Dr Suresh Kumar reached Navsari and harvested the kidneys and liver, while the eyes were donated to Rotary Eye institute in Navsari. The two kidneys were transplanted into Rakesh Shah (45) from Kadi near Mehsana and Kanti Malitang (26) from Palanpur. The liver was transplanted into Ravindra Agarwal (45), a resident of Surat.

(Source : TOI)



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