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Broadcast Enrollment - Important Notice

Notice No. : N/2021/MAY/050002


All Members

As we are moving towards the new session and going to start our activities after 25th May 2021, it is advisable for all members to get enrolled for broadcast.

Steps to enroll :

Step 1:

Drop a WhatsApp / Telegram message to +918217528710

  • If you are general Member send : SUB < Your Name >

  • If you are member of any Chapter ( Chapters formed in 2021 ) : SUB < Chapter No. > , <Your Name >

Step 2 :

After enrollment you will receive welcome message and a contact link. Save Contact either manually or through contact link. ( As per the policy of Broadcast, Saving contact is required process to receive the broadcast. )

If you have completed step 1 then just save the number you will start getting broadcast. If you have done both then you need not to do anything more.



Broadcast Team


Dr. Ateendra Jha

President, CHEARS



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