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Catch and Kill...Coronavirus trapped!!!Novel technique for novel virus

Scientists have developed a "catch and kill" air filter that can trap coronavirus

A study published in the journal Materials Today Physics ,found that 99.8% of the covid-19 virus can be killed through a single pass filter made from nickel foam which is heated to 200 degree celsius. It has a proven killing rate of 99.9% anthrax spores in testing at the Galveston National Laboratory,Which is run by the university of Texas medical branch in the US.

The major use of this filter can be in the airports and in airplanes,in office buildings,schools and cruise ships to stop the spread of virus internationally. Medistar executives are also proposing a desktop model ,capable of purifying the air in an office worker's immediate surroundings .As the virus cannot survive above 70 degree celsius ,heated filter will be applicable.

As the resistance of the nickel is low so that it cannot be raised at a higher temperature in order to kill the virus instantly , scientists resolved the problem by folding the foam and connecting multiple compartments with electrical wires to increase the resistance as higher as 250 degree celsius .A prototype was first built in a local workshop and tested in Ren,s lab for relationship between voltage/current and temperature.


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