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Consuming protein at night??Have a check on blood glucose!!

Consuming of protein ,especially whey protein at night increases the chance of rise in blood glucose.

If you are a person who routinely consumes protein at night there is a risk of rise in the blood glucose in the morning which leads to serious health complications like Diabetes, Heart disease and obesity ,say researchers.

The study investigated by the University of Basel in Switzerland checked whether waking up at night to consume some protein may keep your blood sugar lower the next morning; surprisingly the blood sugar response to breakfast was higher when participants consumed protein rather than plain water at 4.00 am.

These unexpected findings may be useful for the ones who are under the blood glucose control. According to the study one explanation is that body does not expect or need food during the night so the protein itself will be turned into sugar. This may result in the carbohydrates already available upon waking such that energy stored and ,so it builds up more in the blood.

Future research will look whether it will applied to older people and obese people who tend to have more insulin resistance. It would also be interesting to know what extend our findings are due to eating at an unusual time or type of protein consumed ,Smith added.


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