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Does COVID-19 impact your menstrual cycle? Here’s the truth for you

While new research suggests that COVID-19 can wreak havoc on your menstrual cycle, a growing body of studies also indicates that periods can have a protective impact against the novel coronavirus.

Evidences from the studies suggest that the COVID-19 pandemic has become a major stress factor in the lives of millions. Its natural that many women are experiencing disrupted periods every month. These include missed periods, longer or abnormally short menstrual cycles, unusual bleeding pattern, so on and so forth.

According to a report by Medpage today, women are likely to experience abnormal period if they are either infected with the novel coronavirus, or are battling the prolonged stress inflicted by the pandemic, worldwide, As stress increases the level of cortisol which directly impacts menstruation. Additionally, the COVID-19 lockdown has brought about many changes in sedentary lifestyle.

Can menstrual cycle protect you from infection?

During one menstrual cycle the female hormone Oestrogen goes up for a certain period of time. This chemical has long been associated with good immune response to infections, including the viral ones like COVID-19. A growing body of research suggests that oestrogen helps your immune in the production of antibodies which fight against infections and foreign bodies. Moreover, they inhibit physiological processes that trigger inflammatory response, a common attribute of many infections including COVID-19. Recent studies showed that women who hitted menopause had to stay longer in hospital.

Certain tips to follow

• Include pineapples and papayas in your diet. While papayas are loaded with a nutrient called carotene, pineapples come with an enzyme called bromelain. Both of them help in the regulation of hormones linked to your periods.

• Use cinnamon in your recipes. It will ensure balance in hormones like insulin which influence your menstrual cycle, especially if you are suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). This exotic spice is also known to reduce period pain.

• Turmeric and evening primrose also have a similar impact on your period as cinnamon.

• Castor oil is another home remedy that is known to induce menstrual flow. It also reduces inflammation, which can worsen your pre-menstrual syndrome.


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