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Gaps in health care system in India

Today India has 7 doctors on every 10,000 population, which clearly shows burden on health care system. Today a doctor spends about maximum 1 min (An average) on a patient. In one minute time how much anybody can explain. This creates a huge gap in health care system.

Gap 1

What you think, a doctor can deliver to patient in one minute – diagnosis + prescription + counselling ? No way … just diagnosis and prescription is more than enough. He does not have time to council the patient.

Gap 2

Health care services are noble services, Its should not to gain the profit by exploitation of the patient’s financial values. But today this noble professions have become profession for the highest income. There is NO control on their prescription.

Gap 3

Regulatory authorities are good enough for nothing. They will cancel the licence of a physician sitting in clinic in any rural areas but they will never put their hand to stop big scam in big hospitals.

Gap 4

Un-Awareness regarding the other health care providers. In India if you say health care – Directly indicates Doctor. Doctors are part of health care system, but they are not full health care system. health care system will include the workers from manufacturing companies to the counselor at pharmacy shop. Unfortunately which is not applicable in India.

These are not all, these are few.

We are shouting there is burden on health care system , but no body is caring towards the distribution of that burden. If really we need to reduce the burden Task Shifting is one of the best solution.

Soon I am going to post few cases which will prove that there is a huge gap in between the health care providers and patient.



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