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Healthcare / IT / Public Relations (M&C) Self Paced Internship

What is duration of internship ?

  • 1 Month

What is registration fee ?

  • No registration fee is applicable till this date.

How much time do I need to dedicate for internship and what is schedule ?

  • As it is self paced so you need to complete the task given, within time period of internship. There is no schedule implemented from the side of CHEARS.

What are the areas of internship ?

  • Healthcare - Review / Community - Survey / Case Analysis / PIL / Data Analysis

  • IT - Data Analysis / Web Application / Banking App / Payment Gateway / Social Media Integration / Prediction Model / Computer Vision

  • Public Relations (M&C): Marketing Plan / Content Writing / Animations / Explanatory Videos / Poster Design

Either I need to work on all ?

  • No, You have to select any one for one month of internship.

What is mode of internship ?

  • It is online and all submission will be online.

What is eligibility of internship ?

  • You should belong to specific sector in which your doing internship. CHEARS may ask for the proof of verification in case of any misconduct.


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