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Hi friends hope all of you are doing well,

Today we see the natural management of one more disease that is hypertension.

These days hypertension is most and most common disease in the population. And it is also known as silent killer.

You know why it is silent killer? Because you will not come to know that you have hypertension until and unless it damages at least one system of your body. After one system get disturbed you feel some difficulty with your body, than you go to hospital, there you will be diagnosed with hypertension. But by that time some irreversible damage will be happened. This is the reason to call hypertension as silent killer.

Now we see what is hypertension with our nature formula, ( What, where, how and why) is…….

What is hypertension?

Hypertension is continuous increased blood pressure level on your blood vessels. Before it was 120/80 mmhg. According to recent guidelines it is 140/90 for adults and 150/90 mmhg for older ones (>60 years).

Where is the problem?

Hypertension is caused by many reasons. I will tell you the most important and most common causes.

Volume overload (high volume of blood or other liquids in


Increased cardiac output,

Decreased flexibility and elasticity of blood vessels,


Lack of physical activity and overweight,

Older age,

Smoking and alcohol.

These are currently major contributors of hypertension.

How it is affecting you?

Blood is the main transportation to supply all the nutrients and oxygen to your body cells. To circulate all over the body blood has to maintain some pace known as blood pressure. Blood has pass through the many blood vessels including large blood vessels to small and minute blood vessels (capillaries). When high blood pressure blood is passing through capillaries, these small structures cannot handle the high blood pressure and it leads to rupture of capillaries. When particular organ capillaries are ruptured that organ will not get sufficient blood supply and leads to ischemia. If it is not corrected, it leads to failure of the organ. Slowly organ failure shows the burden on body system. Body system cannot handle the extra burden. It starts failing. At that time you feel discomfort and you will go to hospital. In the hospital doctors can manage your hypertension by giving some drugs to you. But the damage what occurred to the organ is irreversible. Whenever it gets suitable situations further damage will start troubling you again and again.



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