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Important - Membership Registration 2022-2023

For All ( New / Old )

Dear Member,

As we are closing our 2021-2022 session we like to call you for membership of 2022-2023 session.(Please NOTE: There is No registration fee for Membership)

What is special:

- You can select the areas where you like to contribute in the mission of CHEARS.

- A team will work to deliver the task.

- Membership card will be generated ( After approval of your submission) for each member which will be valid till May 2023.

- As it was previously , Membership is free of any registration fee.

- On the basis of your contribution best member name will be recognized.

Please Note : It is compulsory for old members ( Who have registered before 25th March 2022 ) also to register again to continue with us.


Step 2 : Login ( old members ) / Signup ( New visitors )

Step 3 : Fill the Membership registration form for 2022-2023

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