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Mentor session - Open to schedule

Dear Members !

Mentor Session is now open to schedule your appointments.

To schedule your appointment, Please visit and on home page scroll down, under Activity Section click on Get Appointment button.

Important : During appointment whenever asked, Please clearly and briefly explain your purpose of appointment. It is important for the mentors to discuss your issue.

General FAQ :

Who can schedule mentor session ?

All registered members can schedule session.

Regarding what all purpose this meeting can be scheduled?

Appointment can be schedule for any of the following reason:

  • Health issue

  • Second opinion

  • Interns / researcher / author assistance

  • Career discussion

Is there any fee for this session ?

The mentor session is Free of any charges.

What if I fail to come out for session after scheduling ?

In such cases you are required to drop message to +918123316556 or mail to regarding your absence at least 1 hour before the session time. In case of absence behavior for more than one session without information, your future appointment may get auto canceled.



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