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Need your Action : On your asset like certificates or letters with CHEARS.

Dear Member,

With virtual release of the certificates/letters we need to insure its authenticity and easy availability. As informed, all released certificates and letters remains stored on our website so that you can access or download it anytime. To serve the same we like to call all of you to create your profile on our portal. This will assist us to keep your certificates/Letters on our server further.

Please Note :

  1. This is applicable to all who have registered before 25 March 2022 and have not created their profile.

  2. To retain your asset like certificates/letters , All old members are required to create their profile thorough - Membership Registration | CHEARS ( Click Here

  3. In case you fail to create profile, your certificates/letters will not be accessible after 30 April 2022.

In case of any query please feel free to drop email to


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