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Notification: Author Registration for 2023-24 and FAQs

Dear Members, Author registration portal is now active for the registration. You can visit and register for the Author Profile. Please make sure you select " Author Registration " as Membership type during the registration process.

Steps to submit article :

  1. Go to CHEARS website.

  2. Login/SignUp.

  3. Click on your profile pic on right hand top and visit My Write-up Page.

  4. Then click submit my writeup. You are now on the submission page.

  5. If you see your name here that means your profile has been approved for submission.

  6. If you don't see your name please click on register button and register as author.

  7. Please keep in mind that while registration you should select member type as author registration.

  8. Once you are done you should wait till your account get approved for write up submission. After approval you should visit again your my right up page.

  9. You should select your name your email address and start writing article.

  10. Once done press on submit this will take you to your my write up page and there you can see your article under draft section.

  11. Click on the edit button check the article once again and if all fine mark the button given at the end to green and submit. If you want to just edit it and keep it as a draft, let the button red and submit.

  12. Once you submit your article with marked button green it will appear in your review section of my write up page.

  13. Article once get reviewed and published will appear under published section of my writer page. Certificate button we'll be active for only the published articles.

In case of an query please feel free to drop email to Check the video to see demo.


Genral FAQs:

How many articles we need to submit and what is frequency?

However, there is no such guideline or restriction for the number of articles or the frequency, but we advise to submit at least 1 article per week.

What are the topics / domains we can have for the articles?

Authors are free to have articles related to Healthcare / Information technology / Public interest / current affairs / innovative ideas / inspirational stories. The purpose of this platform is to provide you a platform to express your ideas as expose your talent to the digital world.

Will I get any certificate for what I write?

For each successful submission certificate will be released.

What is submission process and how long will it take to publish my article?


  1. You need to register as Author on our website.

  2. After registration admin will approve your profile for authorship. Once approved you will be notified with email. (This may take- 24-48 hours after your registration) (One time process, every annual session)

  3. Once approved you will receive a mail with instruction to submit article. (One time process, every annual session)

  4. After successful article submission review your article will publish on our website. Our editorial team will review article to determine that it does not hurt any community / region / religion. (For every submission)

  5. Certificate will be released as soon article will publish. (For every submission)

What is submission charge?

There is no submission charge. This service is free of cost.

Can I add my author profile link in my CV/Resume?

Yes, you can present your articles / profile with their links in your CV.



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