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Notification : Research Internship

Enrolment Open for Research Intern March 2022

Dear Member,

Enrolment for March 2022 is now open. Please visit Enrolment | CHEARS ( ( ) . Please Make sure that you meet following eligibility criteria.

  1. Your are well comfortable to read, understand and speak English.

  2. You are enrolled in any graduate/under-graduate program or have completed under graduation.

  3. You have setup required to perform online internship. Set-up includes Internet Connection and Desktop/Laptop.

Research Intern November 2021

Lets Start Our Journey.

Please visit and Click on Researcher's Dashboard. You should see your profile tab. Visit your profile and make sure that you are able to find the contact details of mentor allotted to you. Please read the message displayed or instructions given carefully. In case of any query please drop email to address given at the bottom of your profile.

Have nice time ahead





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