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Part#2 : Gastric : Natural Gas of Your Stomach Needs Your Attention

What is the problem?

Where is the problem?

How it is affecting you?

Now —

Why there is a problem? Problem starts right from eating. That means you should stop eating?? No never, than you will die immediately.

Leave whatever you study in your biology for a moment, just tell whatever you can feel. What are the parts of your digestive system?

1. Mouth, 2.stomach is there anything you can feel? No, right? Whenever you feel hungry you eat with mouth, whenever you eat food you feel stomach fullness. So only two parts right?

Now you have to share the work burden to the two parts. Equally you have to share, remember equally. That means 50% of your food digestion should be completed in mouth. Than only it will digest fully in your stomach. There was a saying in BHARAT that you chew a mouth full for 21 times. Imagine if chew a mouthful for 21 times almost 50% of the digestion is completed in your mouth. It will digest very easily in your stomach. So there is no stock of food in your stomach for long time. That means no gas production in stomach.

Second thing is water, whenever you pour water on acid what will happen? Water will neutralize the acid and it makes acid ineffective. Same thing happens in your stomach too. After you take food, acid in your stomach starts acting on food. At that time if you take water it will inactivate the acid, food presents in your stomach for long time. It causes the release of gas. But many people wants take water when they are having food. Try to control it, if it is needed take less than 150ml and better to take less than 100ml.

Third thing is your position. If you are lying after taking food , food will spread all over gastro intestinal tract. It will not settle in stomach. So digestion will be very poor. So atleast 2 hours after taking food you should not sleep or laydown.

And the Fourth thing is we all know that physical activeness. How active you are, your body needs that much glucose so that much fastly your food digests ( if your food digests fastly you have to take more food friends). So no problem of gas

So don’t forget to do exercise or yoga or 30 minutes’ walk on every day

Stay healthy friends



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