Result for Activity 2

Dear Participants,

It was really a tough competition among the participants. All participants have done their best and the way of presentation was really appreciable. It's really a good sign that profession is getting efficient professionals for the upliftment of society as well as the professional dignity. Counselling may be just a small part of our professional duty, but it is an important and crucial part for healthy society. I am really glad to see that you all are working well on this.

Once again congratulation to all Participants.

Results are just Evaluation of the Short Presentation , Your talent is Achievement due to Dedication.

Dr. Ateendra Jha

President , CHEARS

Top 5 Position Holders for Activity 2

Name - Points 
  1. Udandarao meghana - 29 - Chapter 2

  2. Rehana John - 28.5 - Chapter 5

  3. Aruna Pothukuchi - 28.5 - Chapter 4

  4. Mosalikanti Rishika - 24 - Chapter 2

  5. Anwesh Deep Padhy - 23.5 - Chapter 2

  6. Prasanth ram.vella - 23.5 - Chapter 4

  7. Sripathi Sonika Shruti - 23.5- Chapter 2

  8. M. Tulasi Reddy - 23 - Chapter 4

  9. M.Surya Teja Sree - 23 - Chapter 4


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