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Skin Problem – What may be cause ?? (Part#2)

Reason 6: Dehydrated skin

People often mistake between dry skin and dehydrated skin, as a result they start slathering heavy oil based moisturizers all over face, like crazy, thinking that the condition will improve but instead of improvement they end up with clogging up their skin pores. Reason is dry skin and dehydrated skin both are quite different conditions. People with oily – acne prone skin can still have dehydrated condition which can make their skin feel dry ,dull and lackluster and of course breeding ground for acne and irritation. So instead of thinking that your skin is dry and treating it with rich heavy emollients cream, find a solution that will bind water in your skin cells because mind it we need hydration not oiliness.Try to drink at least 3-4 liters of water everyday and use more water based moisturizers to keep you and your skin hydrated.

Reason 7 : Buildup of excess dead skin cells

There is a term called cell turnover which is used to describe the constant shedding of dead skin cells and replacement with new cells. This turnover happens with a certain rate and changes throughout of our life depending upon various factors like our age ,lifestyle ,hormones , skin and over all body function. In normal functioning healthy skin , pores shed about one layer of dead skin cells per day but acne-prone pores shed up-to five layers of skin cells per day. Which results to the failure of body to maintain it naturally and these excess dead skin cells starts to build up inside pores creating a perfect environment for P. acnes bacteria leading to clogged pores and acne. That is why more exfoliation is proven beneficial when it comes to acne prone skin.

Reason 8 : Dandruff

People with acne prone skin might have observed that they are suffering from dandruff issues too. The reason is dandruff makes the skin on your scalp flaky .these dry flakes travels on your face especially on forehead clogging the pores and causing fungal acne so if you see that you are breaking out on your forehead then dandruff can be the underlying reason behind it, in this case try to treat your dandruff issues first.

Reason 9 : Using Comedogenic Products

if you are among those peoples who just see an over hyped product advertisement and rush to the shop just to buy that product without even checking the ingredients/suitability, then you are just playing with the safety of your skin. When it comes to acne prone skin, it’s not about what brand or product you are using, it’s about what ingredients you are putting on your skin. The presence of even a single comedogenic ingredient in a product makes it unsuitable for acne prone skin since that single ingredient can clog pores. Not only that if you are undergoing through some harsh prescribed chemical treatments in order to treat your acne but alongside if you still continue to use pore clogging skin care products, the results from those acne medications will never be a complete satisfactory for you. Now question comes how to identify which ingredient present in the product can clog up the pores. Actually that’s a complete separate chapter/topic which I will discuss in my upcoming posts.however if you don’t want to go through the pain of analyzing each and every ingredient you can simply look out for the products labelled “non –acnegenic “,” non-comedogenic” which is usually considered safe for acne prone skin.

Reason 10 : Harsh Weather Changes

In case of high humid or extreme hot dry weather condition there is excessive moisture retention and sweating respectively. Both will lead to deposition of toxin in acne pron pores resulting to lack of proper oxygen supply and thus leading to the growth of acne causing bacteria. So in order to overcome acne in humid condition, the only solution is to decrease toxins accumulation and increase the oxygen supply to compromised pores by following the HED rule.

Hygiene –

Maintain Hygiene and good skin routine

Exfoliation –

Avoid clogging by regular Exfoliation

Detoxification –

Detoxify your skin and body

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