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When to have antipyretics ( Paracetamol ) ?

If you get fever up to 100 prefer not to move to the medical treatment. Wait and watch let body handle the situation in its own way. A common fever does not need any type of treatment. It will get managed itself. Body will rectify or adapt the changes.

If you get any symptom of fever have a break of 1 or 2 days. Prefer to avoid any medicine. (Exception: If fever is above 101° F or you have some urgency where you need full alertness (make a note after having antipyretic you may feel dizziness )) If it still persists have a look to medicine like Paracetamol or any antipyretic drugs. In this duration make a track of fever. If you observe that fever is getting back as soon you leave paracetamol or medicine, plan to consult the healthcare team. Read Full Article



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