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Youth onset Depression and early life stress

A study published by Elsevier says that individuals exposed to early Life stress is likely to suffer from major depressive disorders.

While examining the 8 different types of ELS and youth onset Depression Researchers found that some types of ELS were not associated with major depressive disorders.

Early onset of Depression often mean a more recurrent course across Lifespan.

The findings are based on the meta analysis of a data from 62 journal over 44000 participants.studies assessed the major depressive disorders before the age of 18 also.Compared to youth Who were not exposed to ELS, youth who were exposed to ELS were 2.5 times more likely to develop major depressive disorde.Sexual abuse, physical abuse, death of closed ones , domestic violence and emotional abuse counts the reasons for most of the early life stress.

These findings indicate that there is a narrow window between the adversity and Depression during which we have the opportunity to intervene.

Several variables examined the relation between ELS and MDD .for eg:- the studies that evaluated interview based assessments reported stronger association.

Further findings support recommendations to use best practice methods in early life stress research.




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