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Healthcare sector is not a business. It is sector of service. Neither Doctor is businessman, Nor Hospital is business office, Nor Pharmacist is Shopkeeper, Nor Pharmacy Store is shop, Nor Nurses are caretaker, Nor Allied health staffs are trainer,  Nor Patients are customers. 

It is duty of each and every healthcare professional to serve the service as service but not business. And Its duty of patient to respect the service providers and take care of the dignity of Healthcare Team.

India with second largest population, is struggling in healthcare sector due to scarcity of medical professionals, which ultimately leads to improper or irrational care. Failure in care can also be due to lack of awareness regarding drugs and diseases among the general population. While the patient load can be managed by Task Shifting (i.e. Equal distribution of task among the health care professionals),  the care can be made more efficient by improving knowledge regarding the disease and drugs among general public. Task Shifting and Patient education are appearing as required domain to reduce the patient load on health sector. 

Center for Health Education, Awareness Resources and Services (CHEARS) is an organization with an aim to educate the general public on various aspects of health issues. CHEARS is providing a platform for health care students and professionals to share their knowledge and innovative ideas with general public.

Dr. Ateendra Jha

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