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Eyshana Arya

Eyshana Arya

All things Apple, Manga series,
Music, Wanderlust and Laughter. Ardent Animal Lover ??

Unsystematic, like my writing.

As much as I love colors, I like mismatched clothes and accessories. As much as I like a color-coordinated look, I like asymmetrical styles in every vertical.

I write about : Teen Issues | Teen Mental Health | Teen Love and Relationships. Writing is integral to me; however I don?t consider myself a writer. I'm still starting out in this writing life, and it?s been a fun ride so far! I write mostly because it helps me to process my thinking - sometimes I'm willing to let others read what I write - now.

Articles Published

3 Aug 2021

Teenagers Mental Health: Time to deflate some myths

3 Jul 2021

My Love Affair With Anime

11 Oct 2021

What You Shouldn’t Say to Someone With Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

22 Jul 2021

Are Your Nails Trying To Tell You Something?

26 Sept 2021

Teens, Binge Watching, and On-Demand Digital Media Health Impacts

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