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Gorby Sharma

Gorby Sharma

I am a self-motivated undergraduate student. I am currently pursuing (3rd year) in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Bharati Vidyapeeth�s College of Engineering, Delhi. I crave for application-based learning and would like to complete any �hands-on� project coming my way, with complete dedication, concentration and with patience to achieve positive results. I am a goal-oriented person who believes in both hard work and smart work. I am a gullible, honest fellow who would love to work in a team amongst reasonable people.
I would love to have this internship opportunity at your esteemed institution. It would not only refine my people�s skills but also give me a much-required overview of how the work is actually done at industry level. Moreover, This opportunity would level up my professional skills and, no doubt, will add up as a positive work experience in my carrier.

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19 Jul 2022

Certificate of Completion

17 May 2022

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