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Lovely Yeswanth Panchumarthi

Lovely Yeswanth Panchumarthi

I, Panchumarthi Lovely Yeswanth is currently pursuing my Btech 3rd year in Computer Science Engineering in SRM AP University. I am Data Science passionate. My major in CSE is Data Science. I have done HDLC internship in data science, DATA ANALYTICS CONSULTING INTERN from FORGE, KPMG. I have also done smartz internz as salesforce developer in SalesForce. I have 3 research works, 'Comparitive Study on Sentiment Analysis using different Machine Learning ALgorithms' which is published as journal, 'Enhancing stock price prediction using Hybrid ARIMA-LSTM' which is done for our research day and 'Short Text /multimodal data classification with Tolerance Near Sets'.

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