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Nishant kumar

Nishant kumar

Hello everyone,

- Pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science with a focus on cyber psychology.
- Passionate about exploring the intersection of human behavior and technology.
- Interested in understanding the psychological impact of digital platforms like social media, online gaming, and virtual reality.
- Combining computer science knowledge with a curiosity about human behavior.
- Experienced content writer creating engaging and informative articles on cyber psychology.
- Translates complex concepts into accessible language for a wide audience.
- Research interests include online identity formation, digital communication patterns, social media's impact on mental health, cybersecurity, and the psychological effects of emerging technologies.
- Dedicated to staying updated on the latest research, industry trends, and technological advancements.
- Advocate for promoting digital well-being and ethical technology use.
- Aims to empower individuals to make informed choices about their online behaviors.
- Excited to connect with the community and explore the interplay between psychology and technology.

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